Courtesy of Addie Wagenknect

The Situation Room

Museum of the Moving Image

Please note: As part of the worldwide effort to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, the Museum building is temporarily closed and all exhibitions and programs suspended until further notice.

Commissioned by the Museum, six artists have each created four original GIFs that will be presented as two-month installations on the walls and ceiling of the visitor elevator, an exhibition environment that offers a unique and intimate encounter with the work. The installation series was organized by independent curator Lindsay Howard who writes:

"When John F. Kennedy created the Situation Room in the White House in 1961, it was because even the highest stations of command struggled to receive and interpret real-time audio, video, and text communications in times of crisis. Today, few of us can say we have trouble receiving information. “The situation” is constantly updated, pinging to our phones, creating a sensation of non-stop crisis. Information abounds, but interpretation falters. So step into the elevator at Museum of the Moving Image, with its eerie quiet and unreliable cell reception. Without a phone for anesthesia, take in new animated GIFs by artists who imagine information and entertainment unfolding in new ways. They offer interpretation for our glut of information. The Situation Room is a year-long series of site-specific installations that play with the relationship between public and private information, disembodied presence, critical engineering, pranksterism, ambiguous identities, and online user culture."

The GIFs will be published on GIPHY to coincide with the opening of each installation.

On view March 11–May 10:
Addie Wagenknecht
(b. 1981, United States) 
There Are No Girls on the Internet (2020)
Addie Wagenknecht is an American artist based in Austria whose work explores the tension between expression and technology. Blending conceptually-driven painting, sculpture, and installation with the ethos of hacker culture, Wagenknecht constructs spaces between art object and lived experience. As an active leader in the open source hardware movement, she co-founded NORTD Labs, an international research and development collaborative, which produces open source projects that have been used and built by millions worldwide.

On view January 8–March 8, 2020:  
Sam Rolfes 
LET'S PLAY – Oligarch Dance Sim (GUILT FREE??) (2019)
Sam Rolfes is a New York–based digital performer and director whose practice of improvisational, animated performance within VR game engines crafts diffusive psychosexual narratives with fragments of fanfiction, surreality, and an increasingly anticapitalist focus. He has worked extensively across the avant garde music, fashion, and theater communities, developing music videos, live performances, interactive comedic livestreams, album covers, fashion collections, and games. His work is typically created in real time via motion capture, face capture, and VR puppetry. 

On view November 8, 2019–January 5, 2020: 
Carlos Alfonzo Sanchez (b. 1992, United States)  
lookit (2019)
Carlos Alfonzo Sanchez is an artist and graphic designer based in Queens, New York. His multimedia artworks explore camp, authorship, and self-disclosure within the public/private borders of digital landscapes. Through the collage of CGI imagery and his own bedroom performances in depraved, erratic drag, he interrogates ego and sincerity through uncanny vignettes in the search of new subjectivities for our digital avatars. 

Upcoming featured artists:
Borna Sammak, May 13–July 12, 2020
Molly Soda, July 14–September 13, 2020
Eva and Franco Mattes, September 16–November 15, 2020

Organized by Lindsay Howard, independent curator

The Situation Room series is made possible by support from GIPHY Arts.